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  1. Re: High End System: Why SSD + partitioned 1.5TB?

    Sorry I get it now... I didn't read the key words "when it does" [fill up quicker than you think]. You would only go to the fast partition when your SSD is full. I initially thought the idea was to...
  2. Re: High End System: Why SSD + partitioned 1.5TB?

    This confuses me too... so what's the point of having the 120GB SSD? Are you saying choose one or the other ?

    It seems like the SSD is a waste if you put the OS on a 300GB hard-drive partition
  3. Have the leaderboard systems been benchmarked?

    Hey all,
    I was just wondering if the leaderboard systems have been benchmarked.
    I'm curious to know how the mid-range stacks up to the high-end, like-wise for budget to mid-range.

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