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  1. realistic expectations, life span of a cpu.

    Question is how long do you realistically expect to get from your last build before you upgrade your CPU. I am talking the Core build.. not GPU at all. Motherboard, memory and CPU

    I built my...
  2. Iquiry about Fragging Frogs:would like to "hop" in and join :)

    Considering i have been a forum member for 4 years and have been telling myself i would like to get involved in the PC Per community More..and the fact that Jeremy is a fellow Canuck and i keep...
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    Re: Ryzen - What is your planned build?

    Im eyeing the 6 core ryzen CPU when it comes out but Im waiting for reviews and benchmarks first though. I have a very good gaming system in my mancave with a 5960x cpu and a 980ti running a 27"...
  4. Yeesh, rough release for the Nintendo switch.

    Was thinking of buying one this weekend...but after seeing this i might just hold off for a few months until they get these issues sorted. This isnt good at all on Nintendo.

    I cant understand how...
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