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    Re: Things I have Learned About My New SSD!

    I've used Norton Ghost to perfectly clone my old spinning drive to my ssd. It works perfectly, i've tried Acronis and it just didn't work.
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    Re: The 600$ BC2 rig

    i think you need a bigger PSU, 430w is not a lot of power these days. Have you googled a power supply calculator just to be on the safe side of what you'll need plus room to spare later on when you...
  3. Re: amd responded to me on release of thuban cpu,s

    All i want to know is if i can drop one of these 6-core monsters into an AM2+ board (Asus m4a77d)
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    Re: Brand name= level of quality?

    From my own personal experiences in regards to motherboard manufactures i swear by ASUS for the past 5 years. You get everything and the kitchen sink in their boards and their customer service IMHO...
  5. Re: How about a completely free iBuyPower Core i7-980X system?

    If there is a geek god in the sky, please pick me
  6. Re: PC soon to be built, Am I building a good system?

    I personally just went with an AMD cpu (Phenom II x4 925) two months ago on my new build. But a couple things i would suggest to you cause ive read up on a few things and have followed the advice...
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