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  1. Re: ati 9600 XToem from newegg for 100 bone's

    Thanks Fitz,

    That Duron 1800 might offer some decent overclocking.

    I am also amazed at the performance the Duron offers, and the 9600's (as long as they are XT's), are currently my favourite...
  2. Re: Cache: Applebred v. Thorougbred v. Barton


    FSB speed has a lot to do with the difference in performance between the 236K L2 XP2400+ "Thoroughbred" and the 512K L2 2500+ "Barton". The cache really doesn't have that much effect unless...
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    Sticky: Poll: Re: What Mainboard do you have?

    Recently given an Asrock K7S8XE. Wow! So much power for so little. Not the best overclocker but it easily keeps up with my nForce/KT600 boards. I love this board!
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