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    Oct 2001

    geforce2 gts clock speeds

    I am running my asus v7700 at 220clock/366 memory, instead of 200/333 on winXP drivers from m'soft update (23.12?).

    does anyone have any clocking stories for this chipset. how far have you gone?

    due to fan noise with the stock item and ultimate failure, i now have a blueorb 5000rpm hsf connected to the motherboard fan4 for cooling the gpu.
    AndyR (UK)
    Abit AV8 3rd Eye, 3200+ Venice, 420w PSU, Radeon 9550 128, 1Gb PC3200 DDR, IBM 40 Gb, Maxtor 80 Gb, 160Gb SATA
    Abit NF7 v2.0, Sempron 2800 @ 2200, ALX-800 HSF, 1Gb PC3200 DDR, 360w PSU, 160 GB Maxtor IDE HDD,

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    Oct 2000
    I used to know.
    I have run my card at 236/398 before. It gets about 3/4 way through 3DMark2001 and locks up. Best 3DMark2001 score WITH stability 4380 with 22.50 drivers at 230/390. I usually just run at default clock speed....why burn up the card ? I overclock once in awhile to see if the new drivers get a higher score, or are more stable. Right now the card still runs everything I play without any problems (how long will that last?). Plenty of Frame per Second in this puppy for now.

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    2 Hitachi 120gig 7200rpm SATA 150
    30gig WD 7200
    Dual Boot: Windows 7 x64:Windows XP Pro

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    Jan 2001
    Alberta, CA
    I've been running mine for over year and a half at 220/390...

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