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    Feb 2002
    South Wales, UK

    Unhappy Very Bad Strange Gf3 Problems

    ok heres the story,

    three months ago built myself a new PC:

    Gigabyte GA-7DXR
    Althon 1.4 gig t/bird 266 FSB
    Elsa Gladiac 920 GF3 - 22.80 dets
    SB Audigy Platinum EX
    BT Speedway PCI ISDN Card
    2 IBM 20 gig IDE HDD
    Plextor 24x10x40 CDRW
    Memorex 16x DVD
    iiyama 19"
    WIndows 98SE

    ok for the last 3 months this machine has run as sweet as a nut.
    3 days ago i decided to do some bench marking, so i uninstalled my 22.80 dets, used det destroyer to remove the rest of the files, blah blah installed 23.11's.

    start up UT - nothing black screen, PC locks up.

    try an other game, AVP2 - same

    try Q3 - no problem
    try RTCW - no problem

    so its a D3D problem as q3 and RTCW use OpenGL and the yran perfectly.

    went to dxdiag

    direct draw tests.
    first test passed
    second test ( bouncing block in a little window) passed
    third test - Full screen bouncing ball - BLack screen PC locks up

    hmmm. i think, set UT to run in a window, runs perfectly,
    change it to full screen, black screen, lock up.


    take gf3 to my m8's house whos got same mobo,CPU as me,
    direct draw tests all passed.

    changed dets back to 22.80


    drastic now

    re-formatted my HDD
    clean install
    all the latest drivers
    AMD miniport 4.80
    22.80 dets


    take all my other PCI cards out ( isdn + SB!)


    or so i think

    direct draw tests pass
    put isdn card back in, in a different slot

    direct draw tests pass

    put SB back in, different slot

    direct draw tests pass

    yay i think

    load UT back on
    run it

    fine so far

    gets to menu screen
    locks up but no black screen

    run it again


    play it for about 10 minutes just to check


    close that, run unreal

    does the intro sequnce round the castle
    go to the menu screen fine
    goto start bot match
    select player
    start game

    heres me current IRQ list
    0 System timer
    1 Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural Keyboard
    2 Programmable interrupt controller
    3 Creative SB Audigy
    3 ACPI IRQ Holder for PCI IRQ Steering
    5 NVIDIA GeForce3
    5 ACPI IRQ Holder for PCI IRQ Steering
    6 Standard Floppy Disk Controller
    7 Printer Port (LPT1)
    8 System CMOS/real time clock
    9 SCI IRQ used by ACPI bus
    10 FRITZ!Card PCI (Win98/Me)
    10 ACPI IRQ Holder for PCI IRQ Steering
    11 Win95-98 Promise Ultra100 (tm) IDE Controller (PDC20265)
    11 PCI OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller
    11 ACPI IRQ Holder for PCI IRQ Steering
    12 PS/2 Compatible Mouse Port
    13 Numeric data processor
    14 Primary Bus Master IDE controller (dual fifo)
    14 VIA Bus Master PCI IDE Controller
    15 Secondary Bus Master IDE controller (dual fifo)
    15 VIA Bus Master PCI IDE Controller
    4 (free)

    so why oh why after 3 months of nothing wrong wotsoever
    do i suddenly get this weird FULLSCREEN D3D ONLY problem????

    anyone else had it???

    got any suggestions???

    is my GF3 f00ked???

    do i send it back????

    HELP ME!!!!?!?!?!!?!?

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    Feb 2001
    only thing i'm certain about is the 23.11's have been reported to have errors as you described..wondering if they are out entirely? it's not the famed gf3/raid promise controller problem from the sounds of it...hmmm.

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    Jul 2001
    I've always had a problem with Detonator Destroyer actually removing the files. It would find them, but not remove them. Never heard of anyone else having this problem. This was the same before the Gigabyte board. Use Destroyer and then delete by hand.
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    Feb 2001
    i have read of that as well, prop given the differences between these and previous versions because of optimize for winxp..i wonder if the current det destroyer works properly in cleaning them anyway..i remember going to get it and i'm sure i saw they didn't consider it to work for winxp based drivers.

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    Nov 2000
    Bournemouth, UK
    After you did a reinstall did you reinstall DirectX 8.
    Also you could try dets 27.22 or 27.42. (I always reinstall dx after I do a det update)
    Athlon XP 1800+ Shuttle SS40C, 512 MB of PC2700, 2 X Maxtor D740X 60GB hard drives

    And no, i'm not a

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    Feb 2001
    San Antonio, Texas
    It is the 23.11 drivers. I had the same thing happen to me except it happened in Open GL too. I uninstalled the 23.11 drivers and reinstalled the 21.83 WHQL drivers and it runs great. Those drivers just suck. Don't waste yout time with them. Good luck,

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    Feb 2001
    there we go

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    Aug 2001
    New York
    ack, the 23.11's are supposed to be bad? :O I guess I was just lucky with em. They even fixed a friend's crashing in DAoC. guess my post a little while ago about them being the best for me so far was a bit off ...
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    512mb Crucial PC2100 (2x256)
    40gb Western Digital hdd, 7200rpm
    8gb Seagate hdd, 5400rpm
    Plextor 16x10x40a cdr/w
    Creative 52x cd-rom
    SBLive! value
    Linksys NIC
    300watt PSU
    Inno3d Geforce 3 Ti-200
    WinXP Pro

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    Feb 2001
    Dark side of the moon.
    Detonator Destroyer does not work fully with XP. I always boot into safe mode, remove the NVidia reference drivers from the Add/Remove program page in the control panel. I also delete the reg entries manually. This takes time cos there are loads of entries but it's worth it. The final stage is to remove the display device from the device manager.

    Once you reboot you should find installation is a breeze. Remember to disable any antivirus progs running or the newer Dets will not install properly.

    Great to have this new forum guys!
    "and I have become comfortably numb"

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    Enermax EGP651P-VE 550PSU
    Leadtek A250 Geforce4 Ti 4600 Det 28.32
    IBM 120 GXP 80.3 ATA 100
    Plextor PlexWriter 40/12/40A CDRW
    Audigy Platinum EX
    Cambridge Soundworks DTT3500
    Samsung SyncMaster 1100p 21" monitor
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