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    Jun 2001
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    lapping heatsink work?

    I am just wondering about lapping a heatsink I have heard of this .
    is it really worth the effort and if so what is the best way because I am new to this sort of thing

    Thanks Gerald
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    Jan 2002
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    it's debatable...different people will tell ya different things.
    normal average joe sixpack has absolutely no reason in the world to contemplate taking on the long boring process of lapping a heatsink.
    the overclocker usually prefers a very flat, smooth surface. if, when looking/feeling the bottom of your heatsink, you can easily detect grooves or marks in the base, or if the base isn't perfectly flat, you may benefit from lapping.
    pick up some wet/dry (make sure it's marked as ok to use wet!)sandpaper from an automotive may even find sufficient grades at wal-mart.
    start with 400 grit or so, then move to 800 grit, then 1500 or 2000 grit. get yourself a basin of water with just a little bit of dishwashing soap in it. keep your heatsink and sandpaper really wet. start with the roughest (400 grit) sandpaper, sand till it's about as smooth as you can get it with that grade, then move to the next grit of sandpaper.
    after you're done, rinse off your sandpaper thoroughly, as the wet/dry sandpaper can usually be used several times before it's worn out. clean your heatsink VERY well with LOTS of water. I also usually wipe the heatsink down with alcohol after washing it, just to be sure there's no residue on it. let it dry COMPLETELY before putting it back in your system.
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    May 2001
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    worth it? no, but I like to dont mind the work, I do it wile watching tv it has a nice sense of acomplishment when finished

    the gains are slim to none depending on how bad the surface was before

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    Jan 2002
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    I usually lap every heatsink I get. I stop at 1500 grit though, because the surface needs to be just a little bit rough for the thermal interface compound to adhere well.

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