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    Mar 2002

    Concerning the flash update utility <phlash16.exe>

    Some people may not know (I didn't) that phlash16 can be run
    with a whole raft of command line flags. Type

    phlash16 /?

    for a list.


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    Oct 2001
    Nice tip WootleTootle, heres the list of options, and some tips as there have been quite a lot of questions about this:

    C:\cmdprog>phlash16 /?
    Phoenix WinPhlash Utility for DOS - Version
    Copyright (c) Phoenix Technologies Ltd., 2000-2001

    USAGE: PHLASH16 [options] [@rspfile] [romfile]
    romfile Override the default BIOS image name BIOS.WPH with "file".
    @rspfile Response file containing more options
    /BU[=name] Backup flash memory into BIOS.BAK before programming.
    If "name" specified, override the default filename BIOS.BAK.
    /C Clear CMOS checksum after programming.
    /CS Verify BIOS.WPH image checksum.
    /H or /? Help screen.
    /I Verify image size matches flash part size.
    /MFG Manufacturing mode - Automatically reboot without keypress.
    /N Program only if BIOS.WPH is different than system BIOS.
    /NOB Do not allow an older BIOS to be flashed to the platform.
    /NOBIOSINFO Do not display BIOS date and part number while flashing.
    /O Override (disable) all options from BIOS.WPH.
    /P Production mode (minimize messages and delays).
    /PN Program only if same BIOS part number.
    /RO[=name] Read contents of flash part and save to a file.
    /Rn Retry flashing a block n times if flash fails.
    /S Silent operation (turn off speaker).
    /SWAP=NO Disable Axx autodetection.
    /V Verify each block after programming it.
    /Z Zero before erasing a block.
    To FLASH a part you also need the following file:
    BIOS.WPH (the interface file with the BIOS image)

    If you have any problems flashing the bios then try this strategy:

    1) Download Dr Dos 7.0 from and extract the image directly to a floppy disk.

    2) Go to the tyan website and download the required bios and the latest phlash16 utility. Extract both files to a blank floppy disk, therefore this disk contains phlash16.exe and biosnumber.rom.

    3) Reset the computer and hold F2 to enter the bios and change the boot order to boot from floppy drive first. Save changes and exit.

    4) Insert the floppy disk containing DrDos and hit the reset switch or cycle the power. Allow the machine to boot DrDos from floppy drive.

    5) When Dos has loaded and you have a command prompt remove the DrDos disk and insert the disk containing phlash16.exe and biosnumber.rom. (biosnumber.rom would be for example 2460v104.rom or v10403.rom)

    6) To flash the bios type PHLASH16 [options] [@rspfile] [romfile] using the info above. To simply update the bios using default (reccomended settings) use the line: Phlash16.exe biosnumber.rom (biosnumber.rom would be for example 2460v104.rom or v10403.rom)
    This will be what most users want.

    7) A power failure during the flash process could render your bios dead which would mean you have to buy a new bios chip. If you leave the floppy with Write protect disabled the program will back up your old bios.

    8) When the flash has finished and you are prompted to reboot turn the pc totally off. Open the case and clear the cmos using the jumper. This should be left in the clear state for 30seconds and then swapped back again.

    9) Put the cover back on, boot the pc and immediately press F2 to enter the bios setup menu. Go through every screen and set the parameters as required.

    10) Save and exit setup and boot the machine with the new bios.

    Hope this helps someone

    Lian-Li pc60
    2x120mm inlet, 1 x120mm exhaust, hi vol sytem blower exhaust
    Win2k sp2 / madrake linux 8.1 dual boot
    Tyan Tiger s2460 bios 1.04.03 (AMD 760MP cipset)
    2 x AMD XP 1800+ (GW fop 38 hs with 6800rpm delta fans)
    2 x 256Mb crucial (slots 1,3) ECC reg DDR 2100
    Adaptec 29160lp 64bit 33mhz U160 scsi
    GF2 GTS 32MB creative
    Realtek 8319 10/100 nic
    Asuscom isdn (semi active 64/128k)
    Turtle beach santa cruz
    Samsung sd616f DVD (oem) (P chan Master)
    Lite-on 24x10x40 (P chan Slave)
    maxtor udma100 7200rpm 20G (S chan Master)
    Seagate cheetah x15-36lp 15000rpm u160 scsi 18.4G (scsi id 0) in ultimate HDD cooler
    generic floppy drive 1.44 mb (out of the old bits box)
    Enermax 550w PSU
    Belkin Gold 650VA UPS
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    Dec 2000
    Cardiff UK
    3) Reset the computer and hold F2 to enter the bios and change the boot order to boot from floppy drive first. Save changes and exit.
    Just press ESC when you see the TigerMP version screen and at the end you will be shown a little boot selection menu. Pick removable media and you'll boot from flopy (no need to enter BIOS twice)

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