Hi everyone...I'm JungleMan...you might know me from the Video Card forum and from pretty much all over AMDMB.com...welcome to the Storage Forum

All storage questions can be asked in here...from the humble floppy disk drive to the tiny MultiMedia Cards not even an inch wide, to hard drives, to optical drives...anything you can store stuff on goes in here. We will also be discussing new exciting technologies like Serial ATA or the next generation of SCSI drives..

The rules are as follows:

- No swearing at other people.
- No personal insults or flaming.
- Don't be impatient if you don't get an answer right way...replying with "HELLO HELLO ANSWER ME U PPL" will only make people not want to give you advice. Just bump the thread to the top.

Have fun in here, learn something from the many smart members we have, and drop by the Storage bar once in a while!

Thanks! If you have any concerns or questions feel free to address me via a private message.