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    Nov 2001
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    Question Promise Ultra133 TX2 card. Need some info on raid

    k, i have the asus a7v266, (the a7v266-e with raid came out 2 weeks after i got mine ). i want to get 2 more HD's, a 40gig and 60 or 80gig both maxtor 7200rpm ata133. and i want to raid 0 both of them. unfortunetly i have to get a controller card. i found the Promise Ultra133 TX2 card, and since i dont know alot about them i have a few question.

    1. is this a raid controller card?

    2. can i raid 0 the 40 and 60 gig drives i listed above and still use my 2 current drives on my IDE (for backup purposes) with the card listed above. (that means i would have a total of 6 devices, 2 hds on the controller card, 2hds on my motherboard and 2 cd roms on motherboard)


    i also posted this in the asus motherboard section
    Asus A7N8X-X AMD2700xp
    1.5gb 3200
    BFG 6800GS OC 256mb Unlocked@400/1100
    old water setup

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    May 2001
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    Nope, that card is for adding ATA 133 HDD's, you will need to find a RAID specific add in card.
    You can RAID the two drives you mention, however, since they are different sizes, the RAID array setup will only double the smallest HDD, so if you use a 40 and a 60, you're going to lose 20g of space. If you're looking into RAID,and new HDD, get two equal size and speed HDD's for a best setup
    Your setup as mentioned, should work ok, with a new RAID card and array running off it, and your two other HDD as back up, place your two backup HDD on the same IDE, and your 2 CD/DVD on the other IDE controller

    On another note of mention, check your PSU to see if it can handle the added hardware, you may be fine now, but users can get into a heap of trouble by adding new hardware without the appropriate juice to keep the system working correctly.

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