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    Hey all,
    Has anyone heard of a manufacturer who will be making dual slotA mobo's. AMD is pushing there development for there dual chipset and it should be availale mid summer, but that would possition it to run the socketA systems. I'd like to know if a slotA mobo is in the works.

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    well, I guess we'll see if any more information will be availible during Computex Taipei next month. too bad I can't go..

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    supposedly tyan was to make a dual board based on the amd 770 chipset, but looks like early Q4 / late Q3, depending on amd. but, with the release of the thunderbird, more and more is support is being gained from oem manufacturer's like ibm and compaq (i work for compaq, therefore i cant tell you much, but look forward to them coming out with something pretty awesome). you can only expect for somebody like supermicro to come out with a dual athlon board, perhaps onboard scsi & ethernet.


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