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    Well Ladies and gentleman I believe I have finally isolated my problems with my geforce and Athlon combo. I went through all of the Bois changes for the Motherboard and tried just about every nvidia driver that has been issued. I have tried putting my soundcard in different slots, I have dissabled Agp 2x, I have enabled and disabled sidebanding I underclocked my geforce and my processor, ihave read all the post on this forum and I believe I have tried most of the solutions on here. So I finally was fed up with the situation and dumped my whole hard drive to start over. With a clean windows 98 install and the latest sound blaster drivers and nvidia drivers I loaded up Ka52 alligator for a little helicopter carnage. I believe I was able to play for maybe a minute before it thrust me back to the windows desktop. UUUUrrrghh!!!! At this point I am cussing the mobo because it appears to be a power issue. I caught my breath and started trying different drivers. I went to the nvidia site and got their latest endorsed drivers which were the 3689xagp. I installed the drivers and tried agian. Hey what is this? the game is playing...Oh my god we have video. Well the game runs with no drops but these drivers are causing incomplete drawing in the distant textures and they struggle during more intensive work like helo turning (lots to draw at once) I figured that a step above would cure this problem so I went to the 377 drivers. The drawing issues are now fixed but the system hard locks after about a minute or so....Blasted system... This hard lock problem was the main reason I reformatted and did a clean install of 98. The only difference is it reared its ugly head in Porche unleashed causing a frustrated driver(ME) and much loss of hard earned Porche funds. Back to for a different driver I find the WHQL certified 379 drivers....same hard locks... Damn!!! This is where it ends for now. I will go back and continue trying different drivers and I still have to try Porche and see if the problems arise there as well. As I said the 368 drivers are not the best but they at least allow you to finish your game. On the flip side they do not allow you to justify all the time and money you have blown on your system. For those who are wondering what I am running here is the specs

    K7M bois 1009
    Athlon 650 (OC@750)
    MAxtor 7200 13.6
    Creative Annilator SDR
    Soundblaster live value
    crucial PC133 7ns
    300 watt power supply (cant remember the kind, but it is on the approved amd list)

    Please give me some feed back from those with similiar systems.

    To the Auther of this web page: If you would like anybody for writing articles or helping with reviews I would love to find out more about joining the team.

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    You remind me a long long long Odissey.
    I first bought (early in March) a K7M with 300W Powersupply (standard one, it's impossible in France to find Antech or same quality though Antech reseller in Nederland proposed me to send one).
    I had lots of trouble (Though I only kept my old Matrox Millenium and SBLive 1024). The only thing working good was my HP8100I CDwriter.
    I 'll go over all Internet's search, until I found this site, which was miraculous for help I got, only knowing I was not alone with my problems.
    Then I bought an Elsa Erazor X2. Then began hell. I looked for Nvidia's drivers after lockups (Medium Time Between Failures in any 3D game : 30 seconds !!).
    So I took the whole ?@#^ thing to my reseller. They changed the mobo, unable to tell me what was wrong. When I Booted it again, I got ghost drivers thanks reseller. So I formatted the whole thing and installed all again.
    The MTBF in games updated to 5 minutes (AGP X1, no SBA, no SBP, underclocked, and so on).
    Then I put the graphic card on reseller's desk, and obtained a brand ASUS6800 De Luxe on May 3rd. I installed it, and the installation proposed me the thing I thought I had installed : viagart and so on. I installed last 377 drivers from ASUS, with last video BIOS and SBA enabled. Things began to work. I updated my SBLive drivers (I think latency problems could be the trouble with freezing and music continuing for a while). Things went finer.
    With GeTune I enabled AGP 2x. After some hesitations, I enbled SuperBypass in BIOS (Well, I forgot it, it's KM1009 after 131, 130, and so on in the past).

    3DMark2000 gives 4400 with anything enabled (Word, Norton Antivirus, Creative Launcher, Office 2000, ...)
    All drivers and softs are the most recent I could find on manufacturers'sites or here.
    I did not tweak further with Powerstrip.
    From that moment, everything went well ; see my signature. The MTBF in D3D is almost 3 to 6 continuous hours (and only in FIFA2000 tweaked 1024x768 once in 5 plays, sometimes in NFS4, never had in Half-life, Tomb raider 4, Quake Arena, and it happens hardly once a week. All thes games work in the higher resolution (but 16 bits to be playable).
    I won't say it's rocky stable, but it works. The only thing I never could enable is fastrwrite, for it freezes anything at once.
    I don't think I will get a better system with such hardware, so I think I'll keep it in this state.
    I keep ASUS drivers to enable all setting about video, for I use it like a DVD player. ASUS DVD is not bad at all.

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    And here is the signature !!!

    Athl 600*1,06 + Asus6800 De Luxe AGP2x SBA en. Super Byp en.+ SBLive 1024 and It works !!!
    Just try to be lucky

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    I have a similar system but when running in 1x with no SBA, I've been stable for weeks.

    750 Athlon O/C to 803
    Infineon PC133 Cas 2 Memory
    Maxtor 7200 40GB
    Annihilator Pro GeForce DDR
    Aureal A3D sound card
    Lksys 10/100 Network card
    @home cable modem
    Toshiba DVD-ROM w/RealMagic MPEG2 Card
    K7M Mobo

    My 3dMark2000 score (with 2x and sba enabled) was 4703.
    Like you, I did a clean install of Win98, I then installed the VIA 4in1 drivers and the AMD 4.61 miniport. I then installed all the device drivers starting with the Geforce. I saved the A3D for last because it caused the most problems. Lastly, I installed Win98SE.
    I can run most apps in 2x with only occasional lockups but in 1x, I don't get lockups at all.

    I wish there was a software fix for instability problem but I understand its a hardware problem which would require a new board. A board that AMD is only releasing to OEMs because they will soon switch to Socket A boards.

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