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    Hey folks,

    I'm building my first system and I am slowly coming around to trying an AMD rather than Intel system. Anyone care to convince me how good of an idea that is?

    Seriously, I am debating whether to get a KX-133 mobo now with an Athlon, or waiting til later in June for the new stuff. Anyone know any technical details of the new mobos and who will release the first ones? Will a Duron be a better deal than an Athlon, given the recent price releases? Would love one, but don't think I could swing a T-Bird unless there'll be one for around 200 bucks.

    Ugh...just help me out and give me a warm, fuzzy feeling about going against The Man.

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    Comparing Amd to Intel and arguing over who is better, is about as pointless as arguing over Ford and Chevy, or DSL and Cable

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    Thanks for all the help.

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    Right now, the Athlon provides an excellent price/performance ratio over the Coppermine. In some benchmarks, the Athlon actually outperforms the Coppermine as well.

    There are however, some features that make the Coppermine appealing, as well:


    256K on-die cache running at full processor speed.

    133MHz FSB support, NOT memory suport


    256K off-die cache running at 1/2 2/5 1/3 full processor speed.

    133MHz MEMORY bus, NOT FSB.

    As evidence of the perils of a slower cache, the AMD Athlon is currently facing significant performance drop-offs at higher clock speeds

    Anyway, it was my decision to purchase an AMD Athlon-based "box", because I believe there is a tremendous amount of quality, ingenuity and sincerity behind the product. Again, if you’re considering an AMD Athlon based-box, consider waiting until the new AMD Thunderbird and the Asus A7V Socket-A platform motherboard arrives.

    Thanks for writing,


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    Thanks for replying! I am seriously considering the wait for the new T-Birdor Duron and the Asus mobo. I didn't even know the desgigation for the Asus board so thanks a lot. I recently bought a Fonk Kai case, some Mushkin memory and a Creative Labs soundcard. I am anxious to build but my wife and I are looking to move soon so we are rather busy with preparing our house to sell. Perhaps I will hang onto the components I have and get the newer hardware once we have gotten the move completed- maybe as a treat for getting it all done.

    I know that the T-Bird and Duron are due in early/mid June, but do you (or anyone else) have any insight as to when the home builder can obtain them?

    Thanks again.


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    coppermine only have 256K on die cache as well... same as T-bird.

    133FSB applies to the memroy only, since PCI,
    AGP, and IDE all have a fixed speed.. K7V
    also supports 133FSB for the memory interface.

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