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    I have a Graphics Blaster Riva TNT AGP card that was working perfectly well in a Pentium II (266MHz) motherboardrunning at 66Mhz. I have just put it into a Gigabyte GA-7IXE (100MHz)motherboard with an Athlon 700MHz processor. On doing this it refuses to boot and gives me three beeps (Two close together then a third). Replacing the card with an S3 Virge 8Mb AGP Graphics Card allows the computer to boot OK. I have checked that the Riva is properly installed in the slot.
    Is there an incompatability issue or a Bios setting that needs changing?
    George Gray

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    What else does the GA-7IXE machine contain besides the AGP card and CPU?(RAM,Hard Drive, etc) Is the S3 Virge card AGP or PCI?(I'm not familiar with it.) I assume that the GA-7IXE is new, true? Do you know what brand BIOS the GA-7IXE uses (Award,Pheonix,American Megatrends etc.), or will the machine boot far enough so that you can see the brand? It might also help if you post your question in one of the motherboard forums, such as

    Best of luck and come back soon so that we can get your machine up and running. Also I noticed that you are a first timer here, pass the word on to your friends about this site.

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    If your BIOS is award, three beeps indicates teh video card isn't being detected. AMI BIOS is 8 beeps. Either the card isn't seating right or it is incompatible but the board is definately not detecting it at all.

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    I checked Gigabytes website and your mobo. uses AMI BIOS. The following link may help you in trying to solve your problem.

    If you are getting 3 beeps then it's a memory problem. (From the above site)
    And like El Diablo said, 8 beeps is a problem with the video card.(Again from the above site) Let us know your progress.

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