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    Hey Ryan, how about a new drivers forum. i know from personal experience that its a pain in the but trying to find new driver for EVERY little thing in your box. so why not start a new forum where if someone happens to find a new driver, posts on the message board and every that has that particular item gets it, and everyones happy. also, we could post how well the drivers are working, or not working, and give some insight, especially from the smart guys, (with myself not included)

    Thats my story and I'm stickin to it

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    I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I think these questions will have great success. I agree it needs really one or more sections/forums. Well, why not a forum about new forums suggestions ?

    Just think about the discussions raound NVidia and OEM drivers (well, is it really the place in this site) ?

    Certainly, the new L2Cache soft tools deserve it, as new Mobo BIOS.

    We all are at the point we need "concrete" about miscellaneous things like :

    * install or not VIA IDE drivers on K7M with W98,

    * which tweaking in a GeForce driver,

    * references about CPU cache tweaking, ...

    Well maybe I am a bit thirsty ?!?!?

    And I think too it's necessary to collect quasi-absolute facts like (I resume my experience and all forums here and anywhere else) :

    If you tell AGP 2X REALLY works not underclocked with no lockups at all on AMD751 chipset, then you are a holly liar, or you need a new monitor, or new glasses ...

    Athl 600*1,06 + Asus6800 De Luxe AGP2x SBA en. Super Byp en.+ SBLive 1024 and It works !!!
    Just try to be lucky

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    How can I turn down the readers?

    -Ryan Shrout
    -Production Manager

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