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    I just installed my first Athlon MB. ASUS k7m.. my 64mb PC100 stick works fine.. but I can't get my 128mb PC133 stick to be seen by the bios.

    Can anyone be of further assistance?

    Thanks Kirk

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    Hey Kirk, K7M is real picky about RAM. I had the generic 64m PC100 and it's working fine. Then I bought the Hyundai PC133, all I got was errors. For some reason, K7M only likes very few RAM brands (e.g., Crucial, Micron, etc.). What you can do is go to bios, where it says SPD detect, set it to enable and put these numbers in order, 8-3-5-3-2. Then reboot.

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    My advise is:

    You have spent a lot of money on your new box. Just go with the 128mb PC133 strip and get another 128mb PC133 strip later on if you want it. I know other people in here will say they have one 32mb pc100 strip Crucial, one 64mb pc100 strip Generic, and one 128mb pc133 strip Kingman and their box runs great. With the time and the money you have put into it, it's not worth the headaches you can have mixing and matching

    Mixing RAM can cause all kinds of problems including attenuation problems.

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    Have you tried putting the 128 stick in the first slot?

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    Hi folks, as far as I know, Asus K7M is based on AMD 750 chipset while K7V is VIA KX133 chipset, and AMD chipset doesn't support PC133 RAM, PC100 only.

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    The K7M can use PC133 RAM, it's just overkill It's just tested to a higher standard. All Athlon Motherboards are very picky about high quality RAM.

    I would not use a generic PC100 RAM in my Computer, but a generic PC133, may be okay.

    But, why spend all the bucks on a screaming Athlon only to buy a generic RAM

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