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    I agree, this is not the place. Wouldn't want to get this site in trouble with asus

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    Yup ! Don't be childish !
    ASUS has begun a work on new CPU and engaged a lot of money in them, and they will less and less support MoBos which are source of trouble. So I don't think new features will appear in K7M or K7V.

    I think too that AMD and INTEL won't like overclocking to become a "standard". Just look the different price of Athlon 600 and 800.

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    Ryan, dieu is this the type of message that should be posted in these forums? Personnaly I don't think it's the place. That and if I was a ASUS I wouldn't respond to this "petition ".

    Forum: ASUS Motherboards
    "ASUS K7V owners read this. Very important"

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    IMHO, everyone have their belive to start petition for anything, but it's up to the public people to decide if it's a valid reason for petition. and Lukappaseidue is only posting his opinion and started a petition. it's up to the moderators and owners of the website decide wether they'll endorse it or not. (probably not I think)

    and I doubt just this message will get the website in trouble with Asus.

    but personally I don't like this kind of peition, since there's already a few third party program does the same thing via modifying BIOS for K7V, and this will not do any good for Asus MB user, since it'll introduce potentially bad situation, since rookie users will accidentally trigger a 1/2 L2 setting for K7's has 1/3 L2 settings(850+). which will probably result a CPU/MB won't even POST. if such situation occurs, the only option is to obtain a different CPU, or swap the EEPROM and reflash it..

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    What you say is true, everyone has their belief to start a petition and that the public has a choice to support it or not. Also I too doubt that the post in question will get anyone in trouble. But... Here read my latest post in the ASUS mobo forum concerning this subject:

    And in closing, esung I hope this post finds you and your family doing well. Take care and have an outstanding day!

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