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    Well after looking for hours on the net I finally found this site. I have a K7M with 3D Prophet DDR-DVI and I finally got them to work together thanks to you guys. I d/l the detonator2 drivers from nvidia's website and I lowered the voltage to 3.31. Everything works fine. My only prob is that I am only running at 1x. I just dont know how to make my card go to 2x. I also have sideband enabled and I have gen clock for pci/empty dimm disabled. Thanks for the help. If it crashes I will post it but i have been going good for the past week playing nfs porsche unleashed and quake3. Ohh yeah one prob is that i noticed a drop in my fps in some games.

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    It is going stable as AGP X2 is disabled.

    Enable AGPX2 and it'll probably get unstable once again.


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    I'm not sure if the "voltage-fix" is the solution. It's common knowledge that with the AMD 751 chipset, superbypass and AGP 2X textures must be disabled in place of AGP 1X textures to ensure any amount of stability. Of course, there are exceptions.

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