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    Thumbs down to the Thunderbird, what a mild upgrade. If that! So much for overclocking!

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    It's depends on what you consider mild. The 1GHz Athlon (Thunderbird) spanked the 1GHz Coppermine in virtually every benchmark:

    Winbench 2000 Processor Test
    Ziff Davis' CPUMark 99
    FPUMark 99
    Quake III: NORMAL,High Quality, MAX

    Not bad for a mild upgrade.

    Take care

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    Considering the facts that:

    1) The T-Bird performs about like its PIII counterparts

    2) Will cost about the same as Classic Athlons - even less over time

    3) Doesn't have L2 cache latency limitations on the speed with which the system will run/boot up

    4) Will, according to the most recent web "rumors", be overclockable after all, perhaps even through the BIOS or software requiring only a "warm" system restart

    5) runs on the same platform as the SpitFire (flexibility - upgradeablility)

    I'd say we're looking at a chip which could not only be a lot of fun, but which may also possibly be one of the most overclockable and successful processors since, well, since the Athlon - only no case removal, no GFD, no soldering, no re-marking!

    Throw in DDR RAM support, SMP support, a Duron 600 already on pricewatch for $89 (re-map it to 800 and you have the equivalent of a Classic Athlon at 700MHz - at an $89 debut price!?!?) and you've got to wonder if the folks at Intel aren't feeling a bit shakey at this point.

    It's not necessary that it blows away the PIII 1GHz. It only needs to be close in performance, be cheaper, be more available, and be more fun (overclockable).

    Then AMD will continue to win market share away from Intel.

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