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Thread: DMA CDROM?

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    i ran the drives benchmark on my computer for the SANDRA program which prompted me to enable DMA for the CD-ROM drive. i know i have DMA enabled for the HD but ive never heard of DMA for CD-ROM... an I just out of the loop? i currently have a creative 8x dvd. anyone else have DMA enabled on their CD-ROM/DVD drive?

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    If you have the K7m you should have the K7M-ide drivers installed which in that case you don't have an option in windows but the SetUp DMA Tool gives it too want it enabled....most newer drives support it

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    Most new CD-Rom drives allow DMA to be enabled (mostly due to not break compatibility when plugged into the same channel as a DMA harddrive)and DVD players actually require DMA to be enabled to give truly smooth DVD playback.

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    yes, do enable dma. it is very nice. it allows the device to talk directly to the memory (Direct Memory Access) and alleviates bottlenecks by not tying up your processor. you may have to install the 4in1 drivers from via to do this (at least the ide drivers). i can get 10MBps with my 72X cd-rom drive now, used to be about 5MBps and would slow my rig down. use the via dmacheck proggie to enable it in win9x, win2k users: look in the device manager and enable it through there. PIO mode was the earlier adoption of ide and is now obsolete so dont use it unless your device is incompatible.


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