Taken from the July 00 issue of PC World:

As always, performance, value, consistency, and innovation are the four qualities we seek in a World Class winner. Some products here are standouts in a couple of these areas, but the Product of the Year--AMD's Athlon processor--is a superstar in all four. Athlon-based PCs sprinted to the top of our corporate and home PC charts this year, touting record-breaking performance and affordable prices. And AMD's chip was the first to hit a clock speed of 1 gigahertz, beating Intel at its own game.

It started as a spring phenom last season and it has only gotten stronger. Today, AMD's fast Athlon CPU shows no sign of suffering from a sophomore jinx. Architecturally superior to Intel's Pentium III, it's done for the high end what the company's K6 CPU did for the low end: set off intense competition where we all wanted it. The Athlon's performance means AMD can charge profit-making prices that are still low enough to keep Intel honest. Consequently, IBM, Compaq, and others can offer reasonably priced and powerful consumer PCs. Let's just hope that AMD can meet demand and not blow its lead in the late innings.