ive been overclocking and building computers for years now. and just like all of you im an but a mere man. destined to screw up. i too have plugged power upside down to floppy drives(crispy), i to have have knocked off resistors and capacitors from the pcb of processors. i have cut and bleed on just about every possible edge of every possible component. been burnt by peltiers and by processors. i even watched my friends sister get hit in the face by a cd-r that was in a screwd up drive spinning i little to much. when we opened that drive the cd came flying out like a ufo, smacking her in the face. funniest thing i've ever seen. but in all these years i have seen anyone srcew up a chip more than one of my friends who i hope will never read this. it was a athlon 650 .25
he had peltiers and water cooled system. he was determined to try and reach 1000mhz. after getting it up to 750 with 1/2 cache he decided to solder. when he took the chip out from being clamped between the backplate and the coldplate he noticed a problem. the core on his chip was kinda funny looking. he had not tightened the plates down evenly and had CRUSHED 2 corners of the core. i had never seen anything so devastating. i was certian it would never work again. but he put it back in and it booted windows fine. he took it abck out and tried to desolder resistors to change the cache. he ended up desolder the wrong resistors from the completely wrong side of the chip. i even gave him the combinations that he needed for desoldering. so he tried to boot the bloody mess and it failed. then he tried to solder the resistors back on. somehow he lost a resistor or 2 in the process. well anyhow his chip is a small paper weight now. and the funny thing is he spent about 3 weeks boasting to my face how he was gonna overclock this chip to 1ghz and how much faster it would be than my machine. now the screw up doesnt even have a working machine. he might have a $100 water/peltier cooling system but the only thing that is good for is now is keeping his drinks cold. my advice to avoid this. dont do anything to something your not willing to part with. and definitely dont brag about anything until you've actually done it.