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    I have bought an assempled pc with K7V motherboard, bios revision 05/04/200 (or 1005) , 256 MB ram= 2 modules Nec pc 128 100MHZ, processor Atlhon 750, video card Geforce 2 gts by creative.

    Under win 2000 installing winzip cause always fatal error, the same with quicktime 4.0 installer or with the Esperience demo cd by Creative.
    Also installing asus " probe2.03" return me continuosly this error : " ACCESS VIOLATION AT ADDRESS 01024CE8 IN MODULE COLM7578.DLL READ OF THE ADDRESS 00000008, and Also : " INVALID ARGUMENT TO GET DATA CODE "

    Under winnt 4.0 ( service pack6) the system reset with a blu screen : " IRGL NOT LESS NOT IRQ etc. etc... "

    I have a twin system (the only differences : ram from toshiba, atlhon 700 mhz, bios revision of the motherboard 01/03/2000), the system works very well.

    I've tried to swap the processors and the ram modules but the system continue to crash ?
    Any ideas ? I can give back the pieces, but what of these ?

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    IRQ NOT LESS? oh boy! reinstall! sorry dude, have seen this error many times, it basically means 'corrupt image, youre screwed'. sorry not to be of much help.


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    Check the date you have set for your date and time properties. I got the same error. I found out that my BIOS on my K7V was reporting something like June 20th 2199. The installer doesn't like the date set and I changed it to the correct date. Also make sure if you downloaded any of the self extracting programs such as winzip, that they have the correct end date since the modified date will change to reflect what your environment date is set to.

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