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    Jul 2002

    7VRXP BIOS Probs - GRAH!

    Ok, so I just bought a Gigabyte 7VRXP Rev 1.0 mo bo and got it all running a few days ago on the F4 BIOS version. A few hours earlier I got the clever idea of updating the drivers, so I flashed over to version F7.

    When I start the computer, the regular text (memory number, IDE drives, e.t.c.) comes up, but then it blurs. Then, the system checks for RAID devices. Then it stalls. I've waited and waited but nothing advances. I can't get into the BIOS menu at the start no matter how I try (I've tried using regular keys like DEL and F8, and even read somewhere that CTRL-F1 or F2 would work; they didn't).

    I've read that BIOS updates past F4 give a POST beep. I don't get one. I never got one before I flashed, either. I've also read that if I take out the battery for a few minutes, the CMOS settings reset (as there are no jumper settings on this bored). I've had the battery out for up to 10 minutes, to no avail.

    Someone PLEASE tell me there is a way to either get into the BIOS menu or restore everything to their factory default. I've been reading some pretty freightening things about this mo bo in just the last couple of hours, stuff I've never even heard about before, and have even considered purcheasing a new motherboard (though I don't want to) should things not work out (and believe you me, it won't be a Gigabyte).

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    Jan 2002
    Clear the CMOS and then boot your system.
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    Jul 2002
    How do I do that? Or how can I take advantage of the DualBIOS?

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