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    the topic is the question.

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    It is pointless ajusting the 3D Mark 2000 settings, just run the defualt benchmark, as thats what everyone else runs. That way you can really compare.


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    thanks, but everyone tweaks it iut to get the highest. I just wanted to know what settings, also what settings in the detonator display drivers will give maximum performance!

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    White Giant has an excellent point. If your just looking for "a high number", consider lowering the colour, depth and resolution to 640X480. By doing this, I was able to exceed 7100 3DMark2000 marks. But playing by the ¡§rules,¡¨ I achieved a score of 6300 3Dmark2000 marks.

    A general rule of thumb for performance is to disable Vsync, FSAA, and reduce D3D textures. Your mipmap detail can also be reduced for best performance.

    Disable any background apps that may be running.

    Try using Cacheman for your Windows tweaking.

    Or, delete Windows98, and install Windows2000.

    Or, purchase a high quality triple channel RAID controller and run three Atlas 10K¡¦s in a RAID zero configuration.

    I'm getting carried away..

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