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    I just got my brand new Athlon 700 from . Bought it has a new 700 unopened and untested with the power boast GFD and the L2 cache wiring. The serial number reads as follows...

    Right off the bat I noticed a big change from my previous week 47 600 athlon. AMD has changed the heatplate to include added spacers for cache cooling, which is apparent from just looking at the heatplate, it has 2 indents where the cache spacers are. IT had a 900MHZ core and 2.8ns cache.

    Using the Vos32 modified for the K7M, and the decased athlon I achieved...
    936mhz 2/5 cache 1.85volts
    and interestingly enough
    850mhz 1/2 cache 1.85 volts (THATS 425MHZ CACHE) Yes you heard right...

    And after benchmarking I found the 850 at 1/2 was right on the heels of the marks posted by the 936 at 2/5. This leds me to believe that the Thunderbird is gunna rock with full speed ondie cache

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    Your cache speed makes sense to me.....Now! From everything I have read the cache speed is suppossed to top off at about 325-350(oc). I have a 650 OCed to 800 with 824 acheivable with a northwind GFD (8*100) at 1/2 cache. That's 425mhz cache. I know this damn thing can run faster if I could change the's only running at 114 F. w/case closed.
    I tried resoldering the cache divider know how damn hard those things are to find in plush carpet....EGADS!

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