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    Aceshardware has a post about Socket-A boards appearing in mid-June, BUT as far as I understand it, the first round of Socket-A boards WILL NOT support DDR. This makes me wonder if it isn't smarter to wait another five months since buying now will mean another board upgrade at that time. Plus, by then the Thunderbird/Spitfire (refuse to use that other name) will have dropped.

    PS. How many boards are we supposed to buy in a given one to one and a half year period? Let's see... Got a K7M in 1/2000, could have, but haven't, gotten a KX133 board two months later, now the first Socket-A boards appear three months after that, and the DDR boards will arrive in early 2001! That could potentially be FOUR Athlon boards in a little over a year!

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    And a few months later their will be something new. If you want to be up to date with the current technology you have to buy a new computer every month! Just wait and buy a new mobo after a year or so (who knows what comes up then.)

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    Wait 5 months for DDR? 5 months is the upgrade cycle for most people here. Buy a socket A board with t-bird now and in 5 months it would be time to upgrade anyway.

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