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    Apr 2002

    Radeon 9000LE---->$75, is that good?

    Don't know much about ATI cards, but for that price, I might switch over if convinced. How does this card performs compared to lets say, a Ti4200? Is that a good buy or should I stick with NVIDIA?
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    G-Skill 4GB PC8500 1066MHz / Sigma La Vie (500Watt PSU)
    500GB WD Sata2 / 250GB Seagate ATA100
    LG DVD-RW / Acer 22" X223 LCD
    WinVista Home Premium SP2
    AMD-Athlon 1700XP / Gigabyte GA-7VTXE+ / 500Watt PSU
    768MB DDR Ram / 120GB Western Digital ATA100
    GeForce3 Ti500 64MB DDR / Creative SB Live 5.1
    SMC EZ 10-100 NIC (Sprint T1-DSL)
    Pioneer 115GA-16X-DVDRom / LiteOn LTR-52327S
    WinXP Home SP3


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    Jul 2001
    Charlotte, NC
    The 9000 is actually a lower performer than the 8500. For $75, not too bad of a deal however, much faster than its nearest price competitor the GeForce4 MX420.
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    Nov 2001

    Talking ?

    For 75 bucks that a good deal,,BUT,,,

    JM is correct,, the card isnt nothing what its cracked up to be,, and I take it thats not the 9000 PRO,,from what I heard thats alittle better but for the same amount of money your better off getting an 8500.

    The 8500 will run all the games to date and the GF4 MMX 420,440 wont,, so if your a true gamer get a Ti200 or an 8500 ,, for now anyways.

    Good Luck!

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