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Thread: Solaris anyone?

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    Anyone has any experience running Athlon with Solaris 7/8?

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    I heard there is a free distribution of Solaris for home user. Did you get one?
    Don't Sun Systems that run Solaris use a
    Sparc motherboard? Do you know if that is
    the same type of Sparc motherboard a Mac uses?

    I'd really be interested in hearing if it
    works on an Athlon

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    well, I did have Solaris 7 almost free.. I haven't ordered 8 yet.. but I gave away my Solaris last year, so I'm just wondering if anyone has experience with Solaris 8 before I bought mine...

    I never know that MAC was using any flavor of sparc...

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    The Sparc and UltraSparc processors in Sun worstations and servers are designed and used by Sun. The Sparc series are 64 bit RISC CPUs and work extremely well in large SMP configurations.. I work on several large Enterprise Sun Servers.. Some with as many as 64 400mhz UltraSparc Processors and 40 gigs of RAM.. Some of the smaller ones have 16 225 mhz processors and 5 gigs or RAM...
    Solaris is good for environments like ours, where we service tens of millions of web-based searches per day.
    Its not very good for home use unless you develop code for that kind of environment.. Linux supports hardware far better than Solaris does and is better for normal day to day use... The big limitation with Linux is that it doesnt scale as nicely as Solaris does.. Well, not yet anyway...

    Mac now uses PowerPC processors designed and built by Motorola.. Original Mac/Lisa systems used the venerable MC68000 series CPU until the PowerPC was created.

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    Appreciate that information Cthulhu

    I know very little about Sun Systems, as I am sure most other home computer users know little about Sun.

    This term Sparc is their processor, I take it. It's a little confusing for me, since Linux software come in Alpha for Alpha motherboards, I386 for IBM type motherboards and Sparc for Mac users.

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    There is also a Sparc version of Linux that will run on Sun hardware.. Although again, its not as scalable as Solaris..
    There is also a version of Linux for SGI hardware and the MIPS processors they use.

    Ace's Hardware has an excellent article on the UltraSPARC processors at
    Theres a lot of good info in that article...

    Also, here is an article on the Sun ES10000. We have two of these. They are quite impressive.. I don't think they have gone down since they were installed almost a year ago...

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