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Thread: KA7 anybody?

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    just reposting my first post. would anybody care to share thier experiences with the new ka7_42 evaluation rom? im using, my 500 is now at 750, 2/5 L2, 1.8V, 45 degrees centigrade. i need more cooling! actually i need better L2 cache heatsinks, those Extreme cache coolers from montac arent that great, nothing but the cpu grease/tape holds it in place. a little to loose for i. anyway, lets get this ball rolling again!


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    Hello Spud, (thank god this Forum is back online)

    My 500 (Core 650, 0.25 micron, 3.6 cache SEC)is running @ 880 @ 2/5 Cache these days @ 1.80 V and stable @ 40C, Damm am I the luckiest ?

    Well, This thing is MEGA fast!

    I'm using the Alpha Heavy Metal Cooler! Awesome thing! I have no major FANS blowing inside/outside my system. Got 1 right in the bottom front @ 12V... but makes LOADS of noise, so I made a switch myself, to turn it on/off whenever I need to! this FAN is a BIG one!Plus I have one of those PCI/AGP Fans sucking the hot air out/away from my AGP card. This helps too!!! Finally I have 1 5 1/4 slot Hard Drive Cooler from Just Cooler (2 fans) and one mounted on top of my HDD... this thing's awesome!!! Also from Just Cooler. Finally, 2 FANS on the Back top of my Tower (AOpen HX08)... blowing out...

    So that makes 6 fans (4 units)... Iused to have 10 Fans, but it sounded like a JET!!! And it really didn't make all that much of a difference, well cooling wise!

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    where are the setting located...I flashed to the new bios and can't find the cache divider anywhere...

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    Hey Spud, were you able to o/c like that with your K7M?

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    hehehe, no chris. the abit KA7 is THE best mobo i have ever owned, beats the K7M by ALOT.
    as for you laddyboy, specs are listed on tell me if you want me to post the settings.
    tired, must, sleeeep, snore, goodnite


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    My question about the new BIOS

    Does it identify the current setting of your cache? Or does it not matter in this case as you can adjust it to whatever you want and see if it works?

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    from BXBoards:
    I've been sent the very latest Abit KA7 beta-BIOS which gives L2 cache latancy adjustment within the BIOS! As always I do not recommend you use beta-BIOS and you are on your own if it goes wrong. However, for those who want to have a play, here it is.

    These are the new features.....

    The Latest KA7 BETA BIOS

    Add Level 2 Cache ID Selection in SoftMenu III

    With this Selection , you can determine Level 2 Cache divider

    There are eight items

    Default , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 9

    Some important technical info here... if your cache uses SRAM made by SEC or NEC, choose these options....

    If want to make Level 2 Cache running at 1/3 frequency of CPU frequency , Set Level 2 Cache ID to 3. If want to make Level 2 Cache running at 1/2 frequency of CPU frequency , Set Level 2 Cache ID to 5. If want to make Level 2 Cache running at 2/5 frequency of CPU frequency , Set Level 2 Cache ID to 9

    If if your cache uses SRAM made by Mitsubishi or Motorola

    If want to make Level 2 Cache running at 1/3 frequency of CPU frequency , Set Level 2 Cache ID to 4.If want to make Level 2 Cache running at 1/2 frequency of CPU frequency , Set Level 2 Cache ID to 6. If want to make Level 2 Cache running at 2/5 frequency of CPU frequency , Set Level 2 Cache ID to 7

    Currently, you need to clear the CMOS if using the wrong divider causes boot problems... Abit are aware of this problem and are working on a fix.


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    I just ordered a KA7 with a package deal from Computernerd to replace my K7M.

    Its guranteed to 800MHz, but I hope to go much higher, especially with the L2 cache adjustment in the BIOS.

    Nice heatink with L2 cooling.

    Anyone else bought a KA7 in the 800MHz guranteed package with their GFD card and that heatink? If so what are your results?

    Currently have a K7M, Athlon 650 @ 750 with NinjaMicro FSP, and a smaller Computernerd heatsink. Has given me no problems, even with all slots filled!


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    Get this....I put the beta bios in and find the cache settings. I have no ideal what any of the setting mean(I admit i'm an idiot for messing around but why did they make them numbers?) so I try 5 and boot...Nothing happens because 5 is 1\2 anyway. So I try 4 and the computer takes a shit right after it posts the memory. I try to get back into the bios but this time it gets a litte farther then the memory and freezes. After that my computer wouldnt boot at all. Nothing i did worked. I ordered a new bios and popped it in but still nothing...I guess i fried the board somehow. Anyway..I got this K7V that was laying around my house so I put it in and I HATE IT! My afterburner wont work with it...My Asus 6800 isnt stable at all no matter what settings I use. With the Ka7 I could run at 7*115 and it was rock solid. I could get the board to post at 123 but my cache cant handle that without using a lower divider. I'm using a MC1000 from swiftech....Keeps the processor really cool. Anyway..I'm going to have to see about getting another Ka7 because this asus board just isnt getting it done.

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    Your KA7 doesn't boot, or your monitor doesn't go on? There's a big difference here. I'm guessing that you're referring to "MY PC doesn't BOOT"... in that case, try unplugging your MEMORY CHIPS (SDRAM) and putting them back in again, but in a different order (if you have more than 1)... Worked for me ONCE!

    Also, if all else fais, remove & unplug EVERYTHING... try again...


    (I take it you've tried this one already)... re-set your CMOS... you can do that by the jumper on the Motherboard...

    I hope this helps...

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    Yeah..My system doesnt boot(fails to post) and my monitor doest come on. I've tried just about everything and even put in a brand new bios chip...Still nothing. Thanks for the info though.

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