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    Ok guys, I'm not sure if we really need this here, but I thought just as a reference to other new memebers. There are a few points I'd like to highlight that are not written in the actual rules.

    1) Before you post a problem search through the forum and see if the problem has been addressed before. One of the most common problems (FOC) is always being addressed, yet it still manages to come up. If you searched for something like PC will not boot, I'm sure something will come up.

    2) Post all the details. Don't say my computer does not work. That's like guessing what color shirt your wearing, and what you are doing in any particular day. Be as detailed as possible, and most of all, post what you have tried in a very orderly fashion.

    3) Be nice and try not to get off topic. It is frustrating when people are looking for help and they see a reply to their post only to view it and see that two other individuals are carrying out their own little conversation in a post. We all get off topic sometimes, but let's keep it to a minimal.

    4) Look at the sticked posts at the top of the forum. There is a hardware setup guide with the most common/best memory settings and lots of other wonderful information. In addition to the hardware guide, we have a software/operating install guide. Please look at both of these guides before posting. Your answer very well might be in there. Yes, the Install guide is slightly out of date, and it will be revised soon.

    5) Don't start trouble. If someone says something that you don't like, don't retaliate. It's just going to start more problems. We try to keep the BS down to a minimum, and try to keep the good ideas and problem solving to a maximum. Don't ruin it for others, please.

    6) Most of all, I want your experience on to be a good one. Even if you only post once, and go on your merry way, we want you to remember us, and come back and help others just as they helped you. Give back to the community. We are always in need of bright minds to aid others.

    7) I write these guides and frequent this forum for free. I do not get paid for this, so I do it in my own time. I ask that you do not PM, e-mail or AIM me with questions. Please post in there forums like everyone else. PMs, e-mails and AIM will be disregarded.

    Thank you.

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    Athlon 64 X2 7750 Kuma @ 3360 Ghz @ 1.475V (14.5x223)
    (NB: 2240, HT: 2015)
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    Sparkle GeForce 9800 GTX+ (755core, 1350 mem)
    Onboard sound (yuck)
    4GBs Mushkin DDR800 (6/6/6/18/24 @ 928mhz)
    2x74GBs RAID 0
    2xWD 1TB HD RAID 1
    Plexter DVD Burner
    Rosewill 530W

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