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    Sorry, bico959,johnny-007,ckf,Chris, bubbagump, and everyone else that posted a reply (and started) the thread "Why I would never buy another Asus Motherboard." I couldn't resist, I'm just so happy that is back up!!!!!!!

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    just when I got my 'member' status back (instead of 'junior member')

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    So You say !! I don't know if I should have succeeded with my system if These forums had not been there, thanks to Webmaster, Moderators, members and every happy (and unhappy) fellows for their posts. My system is not perfectly Rock Stable, but enough for me. Keep this site alive, it helped me so much

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    Great one Chris! LOL
    Anyway, glad to see the forums are back.

    Astrauss: so where were we? You were going to post your experience with ASUS tech support. Please be verbose. Tell us exactly what the problem was in detail and what ASUS did or didn't do as well as what they ultimately said that was a hardware problem with the K7M. (Here's yer chance to shut me up!! )

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