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    I have Asus K7m mobo with Asus V6800. Is it normal to have 3.39V AGP bus VDDQ voltage from SmartDoctor? I saw my friend's AGP bus VDDQ voltage is 1.59V. His system is Asus K7V with Asus V6800. Anyway, what is AGP bus VDDQ voltage? Can I change its value?

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    Isolated power supply and ground for the output buffers to provide improved noise immunity.

    SmartDoctor also monitors your AGP power supply and I/O (VDDQ) voltages. If the AGP voltages are too low (they should each be not much less than 3.3 volts), it probably means your motherboard voltage regulator isn't up to the task of powering a high-drain board like the GeForce. The monitor isn't actually a very useful feature, though, because the GeForce only draws its big fat maximum current when it's in 3D mode; if you're looking at the desktop to view the voltage monitor, the 3D sections of the GeForce chip are standing idle, and the AGP voltage is probably fine.

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