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    I have SBlive, K7M and V6800.I heard that many people said that SuperBypass has problem with SBlive!. But in my experience, if SuperBypass is enable, I often got lockup in 3D games with sound still running fine until its music track ended. It seems like sound is running fine during lockup and the problem is only the graphic lockup. What do you think? Geforce or SBlive have problem with SuperBypass? Please give me some ideas.

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    I have SuperBypass enabled, and SBA too. This is the only trouble remaining on my system (meaningly once a week), and on only with some games (Most of often my son got it in FIFA 2000tweaked to 1024*768, and after 1 or 2 hours playing with NFS4 1600*1200*16). I saw in Sisoft Sandra a PCI latency of 230+ for SBLive 1024, while Geforce is 64 (like set in BIOS).
    I'm not expert at all in PCI latency, but maybe it's a way to explore.

    Athl 600*1,06 + Asus6800 De Luxe AGP2x SBA en. Super Byp en.+ SBLive 1024 and It works !!!
    Just try to be lucky

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