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    HI, guys:

    I set up my system about 1 month ago. It normally runs stable. However, I noticed that if I leave my system on for several hours, I could not access my hard drive. Once I tried that, the system is frozen. It is quite annoying. Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

    My system:

    128MB generic RAM
    Elisa X Geforece card
    Hawking 56k modem
    ATA66 controller
    SB live X-gamer sounder card.
    ATI TV wonder

    Bios is flashed to 1009.Superbypass is disabled.


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    This may sound a bit strange but I had to overclock my 750 to 803 (100fsb to 107fsb) to stop the frequent lockups. You might also check agp sidebanding. The geforce doesn't run stable in anything but 1x with sba disabled. You can get powerstrip or pclist from entech taiwan at to check agp settings.

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    I have simular problems with the K7V. I turned off all power management features within the BIOS.

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    Thank you, dieu. I will try your method, and would like to disable the power saving function in Windows. Hope it works.

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