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    I've tried approx. 5-6 times to flash my BIOS from 1008 to 1009 without success. I've used flashk_7, flashk7m, and amifl825. No luck. Also I've tried using bootable floppies and ran the flash utilities from my hard drive. No luck. Any ideas?
    Now I've read that 1009 is the final version of beta 131 and that there is little or no difference between the two, true? One last question and I've got to go, km1009.bin and 131.rom, what does .bin and .rom mean? Difference? Thanx.
    K7M v1.04
    K7 600MHz (non o/c)
    128MB PC100 Micron
    IBM 20.5GB
    Viper V550 (NEED TO UPGRADE!$!$)
    USR/3 COM 56K .v90
    INWIN S500, 300PS
    Win 98 1st Ed.

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    The "trick" seems to be in the flash process not the actual usage of the BIOS. For example, the flash process for the K7V is:

    AFLASH 1006.01A

    For the K7M, in DOS mode, the flash process is:

    AMIFL825 KM1009.BIN

    Save the files in a folder you can access from DOS mode. Then, find the path, and execute the flash utility.

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    I fast format a floppy, installing the system files to make it bootable. I then copy both the flash utility and the bin or rom to the disk. I Create an autoexec.bat file to start the utility. I used the flash_K7 utility to load km1009 without problems.

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    I had a tricky gag with flashk7M when flashing KM1009.BIN : It did not find the file !
    I renamed the file KM1009 (no extension) and flashed again : It worked perfectly !
    I used before FlashK7M with BIOS 1008 (Don't remember the name of the file) and had no trouble

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