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    When I bought the K7v MB I couldn't get the system to find my graphics card after installation. I spent several hours trying to get it to work until I got hold of a beta bios 1004-003b from the ASUS German FTP site.
    This is still the only bios that recognises my graphics card. All others since 1005a and 1006 beta do not recognise it and I am stuck with 640x480x256 with these bios.
    It appears that the system files that are loaded have different settings. Is there anyway round this so that the latest bios will work.
    My system is
    Athlon 700Mhz
    Asus K7v MB
    256MB PC-133MHz memory
    2x8.4GB IBM Hard Drives
    1x36.5GB Maxtor Hard Drive
    Creative Labs TNT2 Ultra
    Pioneer DVD-114
    Freecom 4432 CD-Rewriter
    Abit HPT66 Controller
    SB-Live 1024
    The system is not overclocked.

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    Remove any nVidia or Creative drivers within Add/Remove. Further resinstall your video to nothing more than Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA) and reboot. You'll be in no more that 16 colour to 256.

    Creative TNTx drivers are just as stable as nVidia Reference drivers but load more programs so use the ref. Use either TNTclk or PowerStrip to check your clock settings. For the Ultra you should have 155 memory+- and 125-135+- for the core.

    Also you might want to reinstall the ViaGart
    Miniport AGP drivers. My Diamond V770 works in these bios but I don't like 1006.01a beta because memory only runs 3:3 at any speed!


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