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Thread: k7v and sb live

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    ok here it goes

    just got a k7v with an athlon 800. havent overclocked it yet or anything like that, just building the system. while installing windows everything goes smooth then i goto install my sb live x-gamer drivers and it reboots and never makes it back itnto windows. if i hit reset if hangs at the same spot (the windows 98 screen) if i boot in safe mode and uninstall the sb live drivers then it works fine. i have the original bios that asus shipped with the mobo and ram that if tested and approved on asus boards (but i dont know who makes it). i have also switched the jumper for the onboard sound to disabled so that isint it either. help please.

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    First of all disable the SB Live emulation in device manager when you're in the safe mode. Secondly, load the default setup in bios. The setup for OS PNP? is set to NO in bios.



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