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    Anybody out there tried a GFD with a K7V? I caught wind of a rumour to the effect that an AfterBurner will not work with a K7V.

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    Yes I have for about 3 weeks now.
    Have the Leufkens GDF and reporting no problems! Spec's:
    K7 650 (core 650)
    My best settings are 8.5x101MHz Ram 3:3=100MHz L2 cache 2/5th
    CPU temp 28c Mobo temp 33
    Windows98 reports 861MHz and fast.


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    I have an Afterburner on a K7-500@750 on a K7V. I disconnected the power input to the GF card. CPU voltage was (set manually) by the mobo(Jumpermode).The only function of the GF card is for CPU freq multiplier tweaks. I still set the voltage on the afterburner to 1.71Vdc even though there isnt any power applied to it. The system kicks butt on Q3 hehe.

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    I have Asus K7V, Athlon 650 (43rd week, 0.18n, core 650) running at 840MHz (105 x 8, cache 1/3) with K7OC device from .. I had absolutely no problem with it.

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