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    Just wondering about if anyone has any thoughts regarding the BIOSTAR M7MKA...

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    I'd like to hear about this board also. I think it was over-shadowed by the K7M. The few reviews I've found seem to indicate that it is one of the most stable and reliable Irongate boards made, and would be a good low-cost platform for a "temporary" Athlon setup to use until the Socket-A DDR platforms are stable and the initial cost drops.

    Here are two reviews:

    Another thing to consider for this, or any other board you might purchase, is whether or not the BIOS will ever support manipulation of the L2 cache as the KA7 and K7V currently do. If you're not into overclocking, it doesn't matter, but if you are, then the lack of a broad user base for a given board may mean that such L2 cache control might never be developed, which could be something you later regret.

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    Tried to delete this, but sys wouldn't let me.

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