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    which one is really faster? I have seen post saying that one another is faster. I am right now useing the windows 98 setup for the best proformance but if winnt command line is faster I will change.

    Someone trying to pump out more for our team.

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    The commandline ver will cut rip times up to 10% when run in win98/98se. You will have to try it I run it on all my machines without any trouble but some people have had conflicts with it and other programs. Give it a test run. Also you can use SETI Spy to keep up with what's going on, how much is completed, est time of completion, and other nice things.

    You can get SETI spy here:

    Sorry OldFrog I slipped and had to edit so I could post the link I forgot.


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    Thanks Oreo for your opion about the command line.

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