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    I have a AMD Athlon 800 (Slot A - pre thunderbird I believe) on a FIC SD11 motherboard with 128MB ram and a Western Digital 9.1GB (7200rpm) drive, running on Windows 98 Second Edition. My seti times are doing alright, roughly around 6 1/2 to 7 hour per data packet.

    My Intel P3-500 systems (I have 2 of them, exact same motherboard and memory) both run in about 7 hours. One of them is running on Windows NT4 Server, and Windows 2000 Professional on the other. They do around 7 hour packets.

    I'm curious as to why my Athlon 800 can barely out-do my P3's even though the clockspeed is 300mhz higher. Any one know why this might be? Or if there are any settings I must do? Such as BIOS settings, within Windows 98, etc.. Any information would be much appreciated.

    Also I am using the newest version of the command line SETI (I'm not particular to the screen-saver version) on all 3 systems.



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    Don't know but I put together a K7V w/classic 750 w/900core @ 935mhz(110FSB & GFD multiplier 8.5 w/1.8v) and I could get units ripped in about 5hrs 45mins(sometimes 5hrs 27min). Moving the FSB and PC133 Ram really seems to be the difference. My K7Ms with T-birds(1007mhz & 950mhz) turns them out in about 6hrs 45mins. Can't wait to see what my new K7V/800mhz Classic w/256mb NEC V Channel Memory will do.

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    Must be nice!! Athlon 600 w/ an average Seti rippin' time of 10hrs 53min 47.1 sec.
    (Fastest time 9hrs 28min 13sec) Take care!

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    Maybe you have a lot of resident ? I have a K7M + Ath. 600 + Norton AV 5.0 and my average crank is 7:40 if idle (I don't count the kickass from some COWs !).

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    Load the VER 3.0 man what a diff!!!

    Got Milk???

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