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    Just thought the SETI team members would want to know that this version increases the productivity of the AMD processors on work units.

    Ryan Shrout
    Production Manager

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    Just downloaded it and gave a try. Wow !!!
    SetSpy gives estimate time 5h. With v2, I cranked wu in a mean of 7,8 hours !!!
    Will tell tomorrow, for me it's 3AM, I feel tired. Good night everybody !!

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    This should help niki.

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    Never mind. Had a long battle with my new Maxtor 45GB HD, had some sleep and now SETI's telling me estimated time 7:52.

    I was stupid.

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    OldFrog (or anyone else running v3),
    Could you please post your experience with v3? Does it increase performance/productivity of AMD/other processors? Reason I ask is :

    The combined effect of FFT optimization, pulse detection, and the extended doppler drift range is that a typical workunit will take about 40% longer to complete with version 3.0 on any given platform. On balance, this gives the project the best science for the CPU cycles used. We trimmed processing where we could to lessen the impact on execution time. This of course affects the stats. It will take longer to add to your results received statistic. While it might be nice to somehow make version 3.0 workunits "worth more" stats wise, we have not added that complexity.

    Thank you in advance for any comments. Have a great Seti rippin day! Also if you are running v3, did you install it over v2? Or did you uninstall v2 before installing v3? Advise on installing v3 please. That is if v3 is worth it.

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    As far as see it now (6:30 calaculation on estimated :50), and after my hard battle against Maxtor's products (I won, but I will relate soon in some Operating System thread because I just found the solution and people must care about new ATA100 compatible HD) :

    it (SETI, I mean, but my HD too ! )works faster, according to drawings,
    it's more accurate about searching for pulses.

    The unit I'm cranking at now has 7 spikes, 1 Gaussian, 1 Pulse returned.
    So I don't know if it's representative.

    It's the first time I see pulses returned (Maybe it was disabled in v2).

    It can be installed over v2, but the current wu is reinitialized.

    SetiSpy accepts it with no trouble.

    Stay on the air, Next report soon (Mmmh, what about a little kiss on my green nose and a Pulitzer ?)

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    Just completed in 7:05.

    Will see later after a few cranks.

    BTW, Setispy 3.0.0 was released ; I will give it a try :

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    Thumbs up

    Yo, can you say 5hr 22min I can't beleve it don't know what they did but DAMN!!! My other machine shows an est. total time 5hrs 42min. Even with commandline I couldn't get it under 7hrs 20min. I'll keep an eye on it and try to get a SETI Spy screen shot.

    Got Milk???

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    My wu's are now 6 1/2 hr instead of 8 1/2 WOW what a diff

    Unfortunately, since my cable modem fried my system and I'm once again trying to find the right PCI slots for everything...shoot...this is getting frustrating

    I'm still reloading s/w too

    But, on the bright side, my wu's are running a lot better

    niki the frustrated who has 'nillas to keep her kewl

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    Thanks OREO ! ! ! Slurp...ahhhhhhhhh....
    I think I'll leave the speckled mustache to show how much I love it

    Less frustrated now

    Got 'nillas, Got Milk, in heaven

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    Nuff said!!!

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    From my experience (2 units now), SetiSpy 3.0.0 is not credible in the middle of cranks.
    At startup, it told me estimated 5:45
    After 5 hours, it said estimated 8:20
    After 6:50 it said 7:30
    And the whole was achieved in 7:03

    Compare is a bit better than before : My CPU is just between @ntel PII/III and Sparc

    Don't know which time it will take at idle state, for I had some stress in my PC sincde tonight and my wife worked and printed for a long while.

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    I was using 2.04 and getting about 6:15 for a unit. I've installed 3.0 over 2.04, and now it is about 4:30 a unit.


    850 Tbird @ 1022
    Abit KT7, UL BIOS
    VCore 1.85, CPU 36oC, ambient 22oC
    Taisol CEK733092 cooler with extra 60mm fan
    2x 80mm Pabst in, 1x 120mm Pabst out,
    plus 80mm front in, case cooler, and Northbridge fan
    256MB Mushkin rev2 Athlon PC133 CAS2 RAM
    Voodoo5 5500 @ 188
    SoundBlaster Live! 1024

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    Souns good! Guess I'll give v3 a try. Thanx!

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    Well Christop54??? Hows it running???

    Got Milk???

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