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    I have been with the AnandTech SETI Team from the start and I thought I would stop in and check you guys out.
    I saw an article today that may be of interest to SETI people.

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    Thanks for stopping by, Curt. Glad to see we are drawing new people here into the SETI circle.

    Ryan Shrout
    Production Manager

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    Hi Curt:

    How about you link to us on your website??

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    Don't just stop in.... take off your coat..sit down..and stay awhile. Understandably you have loyalty to the AnandTech SETI Team, but this is an AWESOME site!! The forums kick A$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Ryan and dieu work thier butts off bringing us industry news. Take care and DON'T be a stranger!!!

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    AnandTech had a link in the news to the AthlonMB Halloween Contest give away. That is what got me here. I saw you had a forum and then I saw you did SETI.

    Nice place you have here.
    I added this to my Favorites Folder.
    I'll be stopping back in.

    I have an Athlon 700 Slot A with 1/2 speed cache on a MSI 6195 K7 Pro with 256 MB PC100 CAS 2.
    I also have a P233mmx.

    I'm a SETI guy, but right now I only have SETI on my 233 and RC5 on my Athlon.
    I have 675 WU's so far.
    AnandTech is in a race to keep and take first place in RC5 and some of the SETI guys agreed to help out with RC5 now and they will help with SETI later.

    If you guys ever get a question that you can't get an answer to, don't hesitate to stop in at the Forums at AnandTech.
    Most of the people are very friendly and helpful and there is a lot of smart people with a variety of skills from networking to programing and almost anything else.

    In the unlikely event I win anything in the give away, I'll let it run SETI for the AthlonMB team.

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    Glad you stopped in and come back anytime. Come back and bring a little dog and spend the day this is a good place to learn and play!!!

    Got Milk???

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