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Thread: Tweakman Rips!

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    Hey Tweakman, what do u got for systems?

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    Yeah, what are the spec's on your systems

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    I have been know to rip them.

    I have:
    ASUS K7V beta bios 1008C
    Athlon .18u 700 soldered to 850 1/2 cache @1.8V
    128MB Micron PC133 CAS2
    Maxtor 20GB 7200rpm UDMA66
    ProphetII 64MB DDR(clocked 220/365 from factory)
    SB Live
    3COM NIC

    The big crunch comes from the 512kB cache running at 425...
    Seti is like a whore....the more cache you give it the better it runs.

    I have another account I can get the credits for because I do not have that e-mail addy for the acccount anymore.
    I also have a couple othe AMD systems but they are nothing too great.....10-12 hrs. per WU.

    Girlfriend and kids both have PII......hope to get them upgraded to at least a Duron soon.
    They run seti under her account and have about 350 WU's so far

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    My memory benchmark:

    The good memory and the 1/2 L2 cache makes for some strong seti performance.

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    Oh no, our beloved Ryan is about to be passed:P


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