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    Those that want the details/info on seti driver......
    It is a WU cacher and interface for the NT version.
    The NT version will run just fine on 95/98/98se and it is a little faster than the graphical version.
    Version 2.4 NT was a lot faster than 2.4 graphical.
    Go to the "related sites" link on Seti @ home web page and the look for Seti Driver link under windows addd ons.
    I can use the graphical version(3.0) and turn out a unit in 4.5-5.0 hrs, with the NT version(3.0)it takes 4 or less for most WU's.

    The advantages are that it is faster and it caches WU's so you can go go go when the server is slow slow slow or down even.

    There is no doubt that the NT version is a little faster and it is just as stable on 95/98.

    This is the version you want to get...i386-winnt-cmdline.exe it is here:

    Then get Seti is here:

    You will thank me the next time the server goes down for a day or so.

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    Hey Tweakman HELP!!!!! I really don't like this at all it has slowed me down by 2.5 hrs!!! When I rip without driver I average 5-5.5 hrs per WU. Whatz UP???

    Machine Specs are as follows:

    Asus K7M Motherboard revision C, stepping 6 Super Bypass enabled, 1009 Bios -
    VIA 4n1424a drivers minus the AGP stuff & AMD 751 AGP miniport driver 4.45
    T-Bird 750 w/900 core @ 1008mhz W/VOS-32 & Northwind rev2 GFD at 10x 1.8v
    128 megs of PC-100 Hyundai Ram
    20.3G IBM Deskstar 25GP HD/ATA66
    Voodoo3 3000 AGP w/TV out - Voodoo5 Drivers ver O/C to 180mhz w/Stealth V3 Fighter
    Ricoh 4x6x24 CD-RW
    Turtle Beach A3D - a3d_225 drivers for the
    SMC EZ Card 10/100 PCI(In house network)
    SMC EZ Card 10/100 PCI(Cable Modem)
    300W Antec pp303x ps
    Dual Boot
    Win2K Professional

    Out of milk

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    Set the priority to at least "normal"
    It seems to me that the "normal" setting is better than "high"
    When I set mine to normal it does a WU in a 4hrs........on high it takes 4.5hrs
    I really don't know why.
    Give it a few units to may have had a active unit.....I had one tuesday that took almost 10 hrs. First one I have seen take over 4.5 with V.3.0.
    All-in-All it will be faster on average, and the fact you can still go when the server is down is a bonus.

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    Hey Tweakman if I tell it to transmit completed WU's before they are all finished will it cycle the unfinished WU's before it starts on the newly downloaded wu's???

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    Yes, it will move them all up and place the new WU's at the end of the cache. It will prevent you, as long as your cache is not too large, from keeping WU's too long.
    We sure should get to 10,000 by the first of the year now.

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    So.. would you guys recommend I try SETIDriver on my "machine":

    K7M v1.04
    K7 600MHz (non o/c)
    128MB PC100 Micron
    IBM 20.5GB Deskstar 7200rpm, UDMA 66
    IBM 10.1GB Deskstar 5400rpm, UDMA 33
    3D Prophet2 64 megger
    CL SB AWE64 (No complaints, cheap($28) and does what I want)
    USR/3 COM 56K .v90
    INWIN S500, 300PS, 2 case fans
    Win 98 1st Ed.
    ViewSonic A110 21"

    With SETI v 2.4 I was rippin' a unit in about 10hr 30min to 10hr 50min. Now with SETI v3 it takes about 7hr 20min to 7hr 45min. I'm happy rippin, 3 units a day.(Which is probably the best I can do with my 600) So bottom line, would SETIDriver benefit me? (Obviously storing units in cache would be a benefit ) Thanks!

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    Christop54 give it a shot. Run it all day and when you get home from work every evening tell it to transmit(it sends completed WU's at this time). The nice thing is when the server is down you can still rip WU's since you have them already downloaded and waiting to be processed!!!

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    Oreo, what's that damn thing with milk???
    Au Québec, on fait du bon lait

    Athlon 700@722
    K7M 1.04 no sba
    128Mb PC-133 NEC SynchMAX SDRAM
    ASUS AGP-V7100 Pure
    Sound Blaster Live! Value
    Western Digital 15.3Gb ATA-66 7200rpm
    D-Link DE-528 PCI nic
    Antec 303*** 300w
    Windows ME build 3000
    DX 7

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    Question it what? The SETI Driver in the system tray is red, should it be green like SETI@Home Client Task? From Oreo's pic, do I need SETI Spy or something so tha Driver will monitor progress? What is a good desired cache size? From Tweakman's post, I have the priority set to "normal". Advice please. Thanks!!!!!!

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    Install it in the folder you have your SETI setup. Start the SETI Driver program. Set Desired Cashe Size to 6-10 for your system this will hold you 2 days worth of WU's. Normal is good it will allow you to do other things with the driver running. When Set to high is slows everything else down. Use SETI Driver to Monitor. Also Run with Auto Transmit unchecked(this way it will rips WU's without having to connect to the server). Click the transmit button and you should be off and running!!!

    Tweakman If I run with Use SETI Driver to monitor WU's does this slow you down???

    Annakonda, It does your BODY GOOD!!!

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    You're right Oreo, .
    Just learning smilies...

    Je roule avec le Shit Squad

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    I Do not use the monitoring feature...I just hit "update progress now".

    I do not know for sure, I was checking that out and it updated every few minutes, so it would slow you down a little....I do not think it would be very much however.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Tweakman:
    I Do not use the monitoring feature...I just hit "update progress now".

    I do not know for sure, I was checking that out and it updated every few minutes, so it would slow you down a little....I do not think it would be very much however.
    good point, try the other and tell us which is faster

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    Back@Home after a week.

    My 30 SETI units were flawlessly cranked and I uploaded them today : mean 6 hours/Wu.

    SETI driver running, generate the .csv file, and use SETIwatch to look at the result. Its seems you can't use Setispy and Setiwatch together in SETI driver's options.

    BTW, good morning everybody, hope you had a nice week.

    OldFrog - ripping, sleeping

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