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Thread: Oh nooooooooo!

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    Red face

    They taken away the version 3.0 client!!!!!!
    What will I do? I rip modules in 15 hours with 2.04!!!!!!! I NEED 3.0!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I installed Win 98 today. Will stick with 2.04 because I don't want our team to have an handicap because of me.......

    Back to Windows 98...
    That damn OS will never get like I would...

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    You still can use NT command-line 3.0 with Seti driver. And it rocks.

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    (NOTE: There was a small problem with the Windows 3.0 release. We've temporarily gone back to 2.04, and will release a Windows 3.01 soon.) Download Version 2.04 of SETI@home for Windows (95/98/NT).
    Download Version 3.0 of SETI@home for Macintosh.
    Download a public beta of Version 3.0 of SETI@home for Mac OS X.
    Download a text-only version for UNIX, WinNT, OS/2, BeOS, Mac OS X Server, OpenVMS, etc..

    Small problem with the Windows 3.0 release? Has anyone had/heard of any problems with ver. 3? I hope that the 3.01 release will be just as fast if not faster than 3.0!!

    Come wouldn't be a handicap!! We can use all the ripped data units we can get, whether it be 15hrs or 5hrs, they are all important.

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    Do the command line version takes up as much RAM?

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    Don't be afraid of it, it takes less RAM than GUI one (~15 M). It's only a bit less cool than graphic one.
    And with SET driver, you can have a stock of Wus on your PC. Nice when going for vacations !!!

    The troubles with SETI 3.0 graphic we had :

    some glitches or lock-out (see here former threads from Oreo beyond others),
    I had this one : each time I played D3D game, the screensaver was disabled (!!!???!!!???).

    But it seems most of us use NT command-line now.

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    Thanks OldFrog, it works well!

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