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    Hi Guys..I have decided to join your merry crew, at the same time I have brought my other account with me..The Dataquest Trust.

    Together we have pushed the team total to over 12000 units!!

    Research means going out into the unknown with the hope of finding something new to bring home. If you know in advance what you are going to do, or even to find there, then it is not research at all: then it is only a kind of honourable occupation.

    Albert Szent-Gyorgyi(1893-1986)

    Support Science, Support The Dataquest Trust.

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    Welcome ETHunter and thanks for the increase

    nikithenerd <--seti handle
    working on my 2nd 100 wus

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    Glad to hear the team is growing...

    Ryan Shrout
    Production Manager

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    Grmblemblemble. And I who thought there was a little step to get in top of the team !!!!

    Pure jealousy, as always. You welcome !!!

    The more we are, the more we crank, the more we play, the more we laugh !!!

    It seems we should buy (or conquer or rob) some more acres for the pond !!!

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