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    Well what did I miss while I was gone??? I see ETHunter joined but I don't see him on the SETI team stats??? Duck is having dreams again(to many nillas), Christop54 broke the 10hr barrier. Way to go!!! Ryan has CABLE and we will be getting more WU's from him. Anything else???

    Returning from the woods to "BS in forums"
    Hey OldFrog

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    And Annakonda switched from the SETI GUI to Seti command line clien and driver...

    If Ozzy says it, it means that it's true...

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    I am getting another system in the apartment to act as an MP3 and file server for my three roommates and me.

    It will of course rip some units. It will be the old trusty Athon 750 on K7M and my personal system will be the Abit KT7-RAID with Athlon 1.1 GHz.

    Ryan Shrout
    Production Manager

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    Good to have you back man! Now, where is the milk?!?!

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    Oreo, Oreo ???? Who is that guy. Did anybody read from him before ???
    Hmmm, another milk addict ????

    Welcome back. ETHunter came as #1 in the list of SETI Team a few days ago. It seems he went away (?!?!?!).

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