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Hey gang, Im back in the pond after along hiatus for many known and unknown reasons. I folded quite competitively from 2004 until some time around 2007-2008. College, jobs, and life seemed to always wedge itself between me and the pond. But i am back ... with a new (used and upgraded) workstation plugging along.

I remember the days of thousand point work units that would take my OC'd and water cooled AMD 1700+ days to finish ... Now im punching out nearly 75,000 points per day.

my current rig started life as a HP Z620... then i added a riser for a second CPU, some ram, and other pieces and parts. Pertinent stats are:

2 x Xenon E5-2690
64 GB ECC DDR3-1600 (i may add another 32GB down the road depending on how i like the performance)
1 TB WD Enterprise (ill be adding a Samsung 512 GB 850 PRO SSD as the primary soon)
Nvidia Quadro 600 (this will be upgraded initially to a Quadro K5000, later ill add a second Quadro K5000 in SLI)
2 Asus VS247 monitors

so far, the new rig is blowing my mind as compared to my circa 2010 Toshiba A505 Satellite laptop ... especially with Solidworks CAD.
Welcome back bud. sounds like a fun rig to play with